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Payments are due on the 1st of each month and process automatically to your payment card on file. TRUE Space accepts payment by MASTERCARD, VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER. DEBIT cards must have a VISA or MasterCard logo. NO PREPAID CARDS. If you start mid month, you pay a deposit, plus a prorated amount for the remainder of the current month, plus your last full month when signing up.

Simply notify TRUE Space in writing (email is preferred) that you wish to give 30 day notice of cancellation for your virtual service. Cancellation can be submitted at any time and is always handled as an "end of calendar month" cancellation (last day of the month in which the 30th day of your notice falls). Use of our address is the principal service we provide so it is important to update your address promptly.

The steps to ensure your virtual office closes and monthly service fees end are as follows: 1) Send written notice to TRUE Space at office @ stating that you are giving 30 Day Notice of Cancellation (include your business name), 2) Remove the TRUE Space address from all: websites; online directories; Google and Bing listings; bank accounts; business license filings, state and federal agencies, etc. Most importantly, remove the TRUE Space address from formal corporate legal filings with the Secretary of State (dissolving a corporation takes more than 30 days, but terminating an LLC or amending your filing to update address information only takes minutes to accomplish online), 3) Ensure your account balance is paid in full.

If the TRUE Space address is still in use with the Secretary of State, as your legal address on your cancellation date, or if TRUE Space is still legally your Registered Agent/Address on record, your account can not close until updated. If the TRUE Space address is still in use on other controllable media (websites, online directories, bank accounts, business license,etc.) 30 days after your formal Cancellation Date, your account will reactivate due to continued use of our principal service. The extra 30 days provides a grace period to remove/update these listings.

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Virtual Office ................................................................ $29.00 - $52.00 per month depending on plan and billing cycle (No set up cost) 

  Virtual Office with Registered Agent Service ........... $  5.00 per month (No set up cost, $10.00 Deposit and $5.00 Prepaid Final Month)

  Virtual Office Security Deposit ................................... $50.00 
Deposit balance is refunded 45 days after your virtual office service ends in accordance with our cancellation policy.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (Optional or As Needed)
      Mail Forwarding (weekly, or upon request) .......................................... Actual postage cost + $4.00 
($4.00 service fee per batch of mail)
     Mail forwarding services requires a $25.00 Mail Forwarding Deposit. When the deposit balance falls below $7.00 an additional $25.00 is charged to the card

           on file. Multiple pieces of mail will be combined into a single envelope (one $4.00 fee for all mail) and mailed to your forwarding address. For international

           clients only, mail scanning and emailing is also an option at $5.00 per piece of mail (up to 10 pages per envelope, additional pages are an additional $1.00

      Forwarding by UPS/FedEx Overnight, 2nd Day Air, or Ground ........................................UPS/FedEx Shipping Fee + $15.00 

          A separate Express/Ground Forwarding Deposit Payable to TRUE Space, Inc is required by check or money order ($50.00 minimum initial deposit and

           replenishment amounts). Send your Express/Ground Forwarding Deposit to: TRUE Space, Inc., 2400 Herodian Way SE, #220, Smyrna, GA 30080
      Conference  Room...................................... $30.00/hr  or  $7.50/15 minutes  
 (When reserved, a one (1) hour minimum charge applies then

           billed in 15 minute increments. Billed based on amount of time Conference Room is reserved or actual usage, whichever is greater).

           Reservations must be made online at least three days in advance. This provides time to generate door access codes and coordinate with you for access

           to the secure office space area.
      Bing, or Amazon Listings:
Requires non-refundable payment of 6 months virtual office service before verification pin number(s) are released

             to you. This does not impact initial sign up costs. Complete normal sign up process. You will receive notification once a verification pin is received in the

            mail. At that time, you prepay for the next 6 months. Your account transitions back to standard month-to-month billing after the 6 month prepaid period. This

            program ensures optimal "search" value for the TRUE Space addresses. 

How do I set up my virtual office and how fast will it be live?
Use this Sign Up Link for online sign up. Your virtual office will be live within 24 hours (usually much faster).

Do I get my virtual office first or set up my LLC or corporation first?

You will need to set up your virtual office first to be eligible to use the address. If you need to modify the business name later after you register with the Secretary of State's Office, that is no problem.

Can I use my virtual office address when forming a Corporation or LLC?
Yes. As an enhanced option, if you select the added Registered Agent Service ($5 extra monthly) TRUE Space can be your registered agent for incorporation or LLC filings with the Secretary of State. A registered agent is your designated person within the state who is responsible to receive "service of process" and formal notifications from government, legal, or law enforcement agencies. It's a great way to keep your home address from being listed on your state filings.

Can I use one virtual office account to receive mail for multiple businesses or for DBA's?
No. we only allow one business name to be registered to each virtual office account. DBA's require their own virtual office account. If you need additional virtual offices for more businesses or for DBA's, we offer a 20% discount on virtual offices in excess of your Primary account if you have an Entrepreneur Plan account. The additional virtual offices must have the same Account Manager to receive the discount. If the primary virtual office account is closed, then the next created virtual office account becomes the primary and reverts to normal pricing.

Can I list my own name at the virtual office as the legal Registered Agent for my corporate filing with the Secretary of State?

No. Commercial code requires that you are physically at the address full time to be the Registered Agent. Since you are not physically at the virtual office location you can not list your name as the registered agent at your virtual office address. TRUE Space offers Registered Agent Service for only $5.00 per month. This service can be selected when signing up or anytime after signing up.

Can I easily upgrade to a designated desk, cubicle, or office within TRUE Space as needed?
Yes. TRUE Space offers designated desks, cubicles, and office rentals at some of our locations on a very affordable month-to-month basis. To learn more about office and cubicle rentals please visit

Can I use the virtual office for personal mail or as my personal residence?

No. TRUE Space only provides mail service for businesses

Can I use the virtual office address as the return address on mass mailings based on databases I purchase or borrow?

You are certainly welcome to send mass mail your existing known clients using the TRUE Space address as the return address. But, due to the extreme volume of return mail associated with purchased database mass mailings, the TRUE Space address can not be used as the return address on purchased or borrowed database mass mailings. 

Do you offer phone numbers or live phone receptionist services (call answering)?

We don't offer phone numbers of receptionist services in house since it is always cheaper and better for you to obtain these directly. For a phone number with a voice menu and forwarding to your phone we strongly recommend  

A virtual office is an extension of your business. It provides a professional business mailing address that boosts your businesses image. When clients search for your business online they see a professional commercial business office building instead of a house, post office, or shopping center. TRUE Space's Atlanta and Dallas/Fort Worth virtual offices enable you to put your business on the map for potential clients to see!

TRUE Space virtual office services provide month-to-month flexibility.

Your TRUE Space virtual office business center accepts delivery of your business mail. We are your business mailbox. We offer options for both Mail Pickup and Mail Forwarding. There is no monthly cost for mail forwarding; you only pay when mail is forwarded.

Mail Service Options:

  Mail Pickup(You must be local in the Atlanta Area to select this option)

  We email you a "TRUE Space Mail Alert" that lets you know you have received mail and who the sender is. This is a service UNIQUE to

  TRUE Space. Competitors make you call or drive in to check for mail. If there is mail, we ask that you come in to pick up your mail at least

  once every 30 days.


  Mail Forwarding Upon Request

  We email you letting you know when mail has arrived and who it is from. If you reply "Please Forward" we forward that mail along with

  any other accumulated mail. If you don't respond, we simply hold your mail until you later ask for mail to be forwarded.


  Weekly Mail Forwarding 

  No email notifications, mail is just automatically forwarded to you at the end of each week. If you only have obvious junk mail in your

  mailbox, we won't forward that mail.

We proudly offer the lowest cost mail forwarding service in the industry. Mail Forwarding cost per batch of mail forwarded is $4.00 service fee + actual postage. Clients desiring mail forwarding provide a Mail Forwarding Deposit from which the service fee and postage costs are deducted. U.S. based clients minimum Mail Forwarding Deposit $25.00, Outside the U.S. $50.00. The Mail Forwarding Deposit is automatically replenished with another $25.00 or $50.00 charge to your payment card on file when the balance falls below $7.00. Mail forwarding clients have the option to choose package pickup or forwarding. Clients located outside the U.S. have the option to have mail scanned and emailed (see rates below).

Optional Forwarding Envelopes by UPS or FedEx. Overnight, 2nd Day Air, or Ground forwarding is available. Due to the substantial cost associated with forwarding these shipper envelopes via UPS or FedEx, overnight, 2nd day, or ground, a separate Ground/Express Forwarding Deposit is required and must be provided via check or money order. The Overnight, 2nd Day Air, or Ground forwarding service fee is $15.00 in addition to shipping costs. The minimum Express/Ground Forwarding Deposit is $50.00 (we recommend $150.00) and minimum replenishment amount is $50.00. Deposits made by check require seven days before those funds are available. There is no delay on use of deposits made by certified funds (money order or cashiers check). Selection of shipper (UPS or FedEx) will be made by the TRUE Space staff, whichever is most efficient, and can not be requested.

No Package Services: TRUE Space does not provide package receiving services. But, we can receive bank checks, corporate seals,  incorporation kits, and other corporate items that can only be delivered to your formal corporate address. All other packages received via FedEx, UPS or US Mail will be returned to sender as undeliverable. Items received by other shippers can not be accepted and will be discarded if no easy means of return is provided. Corporate item shipments must be picked up within 3 business days of notification.


The TRUE Space business centers each have a Conference/Training Room. Entrepreneur Plan clients 
have access to Conference Rooms at all locations. A marker board and flat panel TV Monitor (HDMI).
All virtual clients have access to reserve Conference Rooms. Conference Room time is billed in 15
minute increments (1 hour minimum). Check availability and make reservations online at any time

using our online scheduling tool. Reservations must be made 72 hrs in advance of requested time.

See the About Us page for Conference Room hours for each location.  

Does a virtual office agreement qualify as a Lease?

No. A lease is a much more formal document with a specified "assigned" space and a contractual start and end date. A virtual office agreement can't meet the full "lease" requirements. But, in almost every case, a physical space rental (Workspace Rental Agreement from TRUE Space) will meet the "Lease" requirements. The 12 month rental term is a key factor. We can confirm repeated success of our clients obtaining government contracts and grants using our Workspace Rental Agreement.

Can I use a virtual office to get bank loans, or government contracts and grants (

No. Banks will not accept a Virtual Office when applying for bank or SBA loans. For Government contracts and grants, it is a bit confusing as the requirements state that a virtual office can be used. But, also adds other requirements (free and open access to an office or conference room, and a "lease" start and end date). Those requirements, along with the need for a specified work space, block the use of any virtual office service or shared space. But, a TRUE Space designated desk, cubicle or office rental with a 12 month prepaid term will meet all the technical requirements. TRUE Space offers these work space rental options at various TRUE Space locations (visit for options). TRUE Space's Designated Desks are the lowest cost physical space in the industry.