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Transitions to Monthly Billing on the 1st day of the 14th month at the $44.00 or $49.00 rate.

Next Monthly payment will be due after your 1st Full Month.

Option 2: Pay 12 Months 13th Free: Virtual Office $528.00 or $588.00 including Registered Agent Service

You can begin using the TRUE Space address for your business once you receive a Confirmation email (within 24 hrs).

Step 1   Online Registration

Step 1 is not an interactive form and is for reference only to compute the "Initial Payment Amount".  

On Paper, Manually Calculate Virtual Office "Initial Payment Amount" to be entered later in Step 2 of this form.‚Äč

Call 404-965-4141

Sign Up Now! (virtual office)



Option 1: Pay Monthly  $44.00 Virtual Office or $49.00 including Registered Agent Service

  Pay Deposit $44.00 + Prorated Current Month $30.00 + 1st Full Month (February) $44.00 = $118.00. Next payment of $44.00 due March 1st.

Step 2   Complete Online Registration Form 

Screen will blank and turn white when you have successfully submitted the form.

EXAMPLE: Started Jan 10th. Prorated January = $30,



Step 3 - Sign Up Complete

After the above online form has been submitted and your registration has been processed, you will receive 3 emails within the next 24 hours:

  • Confirmation Email from TRUE Space (includes address information for your business)
  • Required USPS Form 1583 email (has form attached) - Complete, Notarize and Return/fax/email with photo copy of ID's (2)
  • Conference Room scheduling access portal (SKEDDA). Just click the link to create a password for your account

You will receive 3 emails when your virtual office registration is complete (may take up to 24 hrs). You can begin using the address upon receipt of the "Confirmation Email". The USPS Form 1583 that will be emailed to you must be returned via emailed scan, mail or drop off, before we can accept your mail, and must be completed no later than 30 days after sign up.